Our little town of Woods Hole lives and breathes radio. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with producer Jay Allison on music for The Moth Radio Hour, and his pieces Walking Across America, Diary Of A Bad Year and We’ve Never Been The Same. (All three can be found at Transom.org.) Jay introduced us to producers Sean Cole and Jonathan Menjivar, which led to us writing a boatload of music for This American Life, and also to Melissa Allison who hired us to write the score for Confronting Hatred: 70 Years After the Holocaust.

This is the long-winded way of saying that we (Matthias, Jon Evans, and I) have been quietly churning out a bunch of instrumental music over that last few years. We’ve finally named our little writing collective. We’re calling ourselves Stellwagen Symphonette, and we’ve got some music for you to listen to and/or buy HERE.


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