PHASE 1: reading/listening/looking – articles/podcasts/talks and pics.

Our first bunch of updates invite you into our self-inflicted oceanographic crash course, beginning with this:

Taylor Heyl, our very own ocean science advisor, was one of the people hosting the live video feed from the most recent Okeanos Explorer expedition off the coast of Puerto Rico, exploring the seamounts, trenches and troughs.

You can see the highlights from every day of the dive here.


Ok… That’ll keep you entranced for a while. (There’s lots more on the NOAA Ocean Explorer page to get lost in!)

We’re making our own syllabus here, and you can help by sharing any pertinent ocean-relevant ideas, articles, talks, books, interviews, images (you get the picture) you come across!

Either send them to, or post them to twitter and tag it with #OceanProject.

Thank you!

Next up, the primordial ooze still mystifies…